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Rogers Signature Consulting is designed to assess and build sound organizational infrastructure that leads to the success of creating profitable businesses. By evaluating and assessing core operational documentation, each review creates and keeps the entity accountable to the mission and vision created to assist clients, the community, and the stakeholders they serve.  Success is not only quantified through the increase of dollars but through documented strategic development.



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Rogers Signature Consulting (RSC) is a team of experienced professional consultants that creates and installs systems that help your organization succeed! 

  • Grant Writing/Grant Management

  • Social Media, Digital Marketing & Promotions 

  • Executive Administrative Support & Graphic Design

  • Community & Civic Networking

  • Strategic Planning & Logic Framework

We have decades of experience handling hundreds of grants for organizations of all sizes. Our uniquely positioned skills separate us from the average and deliver extraordinary results.  




Grant Management & Administrative Support

Your team won the grant - Now what? Are you shuffling between competing priorities? Too often, this is the reality for many grant recipients.  Luckily, RSC has administered hundreds of grants and has developed and applied proven strategies that avoid pitfalls to include: maintain & leverage financials, leadership obstacles, and changes in external regulations (i.e., federal/state laws, HR Guidance, etc.).  Our expertise increases grant acquisition, organizational capacity, marketing visibility, and community exposure.


Process Analysis & Optimization

Where is your organization aspiring to go? Have you turned over every stone and assessed operations?  We believe experience is the best teacher. Applying decades of lessons is engrained in RSC's culture and translates into results for our clients.  No matter the age of your organization, the current shifts within the economy, or previous successes, our focused analysis technique strengthens outcomes and improves barriers.  Our program assessment and process improvement models will set you apart with extraordinary success.

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Strategic Community Coalition Building

With decades of each leader's unique experiences, RSC's brand embodies the spirit of unity that comes with added value for our clients.  Through years of engaging diverse communities with effective solutions, we employ proven social media strategies and grassroots networking which cultivates partnerships.  We don't just help you maintain, we help you grow while creating sustainable digital marketing infrastructure to feed your base. The evolution of your organization to its highest potential is our overall goal.  



Ginell Rogers.jpeg

Ginell Rogers

Dr. Calvin Ellison

Dr. Calvin Ellison

Community Engagement

Tod Rose

Tod Rose

Social Media Strategist

Traci Knight

Traci Knight

Executive Virtual Assistant


     Ginell Rogers is a native of Maryland and Eastern North Carolina with over 20 years of organizational management experience including financial and human service relations within the nonprofit sector. 

Currently serving as the Owner & President of Rogers Signature Consulting, LLC., Ginell has the propensity to serve disadvantaged families to achieve self-sufficiency, fight poverty, and improve social and well-being of communities across North Carolina and the U.S.

     As a mother of two young men, her passion lies in aspiring young adults to become the best versions of themselves – academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. Through experiencing life’s hardships, herself, closing the gap of finding resources to aid in creating opportunities for advancement for those disadvantaged in any quality of life is a fluid task. 

     Constantly re-inventing herself to reach unimagined heights, she’s involved in pursuing her Ph.D. and offering consultation on topics that that fine tune and share the success of individuals and help organizations focus on organizational capacity development. Humbly, reaching her success did not happen on her own. Having a variety of mentors, keeps her focused, well-grounded and always reaching for the stars. Assisting people to live three-dimensional.





Typically 30 Min. to 1 Hour

 We want you to tell us your story. We compare it to a short C.A.R. ride. Jump in. Open the sunroof and give us the history of where you started to where you are now. This 30-minute free consultation gives us all we need about your organization for us to develop an action plan that aligns with your goals. You also get to know us as an organization and potential partner while we get to know you. 



Typically 48 - 72 Hrs

The Assessment step is where the magic begins to happen. With the information we gathered from your questionnaire and the initial consultation, our team will examine your current status against your needs and goals to tailor a plan to achieve the ultimate success of your organization. Our recommendations are data and experience-driven to produce optimal results.  



Typically 30 Min. to 1 Hour

Once our analysis is completed, we will present you with a plan that is actionable, well-planned, and financially feasible. No matter what service you need, we are a team of gifted problem solvers, highly skilled consultants, and seasoned change agents for organizations like yours. Our mission is - Striving to Aid Restoration and Success 




"It is very difficult to juggle all the aspects of a business even with the best ideas . . . I was having a difficult time putting together a clear plan  . . .  I soon realized I needed professional help that would tailor a plan to match my vision. I could not have asked for better support as well as education on how to proceed towards the success of my goals. Ginell was able to help me bring my thoughts and ideas to life with a practical plan."

Ms. Belinda Newkirk

“As a visionary and strategic CEO for over two decades, navigating through a very competitive market, but also a new environment due to a global pandemic it’s always difficult to pivot in this new normal. Ginell’s ability to quickly assess the challenges, provide wise counsel, provide needed management resources, and provide leadership coaching help us WIN in a changing environment."

— Gregory C. Scott, President & CEO

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